PLC Control

Logic-based PLC control to automate your process

A programmable logic controller – or PLC – is a digital computer that controls electrical automation processes. It monitors the state of various factors and makes logic-based decisions to control the outputs. Multiple automatic sequences can be controlled automatically, and any changes to the manufacturing process can be reprogrammed with ease.

We do the entire panel design ourselves

Dedicated to working with our customers, our expert engineers will design and build the programmable controller panels – including central processing unit and communication abilities – to your bespoke requirements. We will happily visit your existing manufacturing process to offer insight into how a PLC control could make your process more efficient, and come up with a panel design that offers you results that matter. 

We will service programmable controllers 24/7

Our programmable controller call out service is available 24 hours a day to tend to any malfunctioning PLC control. With highly qualified technicians in the System Hydraulics team, you can trust us to reliably fix or amend your panel design at the most competitive prices.
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