Faro 3D Scanning

faro 3d laser scanning in cumbria and throughout the uk

With a range of up to 130m and a distance accuracy of up to ±25μm (±0,001in), our Faro equipment is not only fast and accurate, they deliver realistic and true-to-detail scan results for all complex structures, architectural façades and production and supply facilities.

Our FARO 3D scanning services

We offer 3D laser scanning services using industry leading FARO® equipment.
Using this latest technology, we can create amazing virtual 3D models of almost anything, enabling us to replicate parts, tooling and components with incredible accuracy. Our services include: 
Concept Generation
Concept Development
3D Rendering using the latest software, including full simulation animation
Manufacturing to ISO Standards
3D and 2D Draughting
Reverse Engineering
3D Printing

Our FARO 3D machines

Faro Edge ScanArm

The Faro Edge ScanArm offers accuracy of up to 0.069mm and is used by us largely for scanning objects that are close up such as components that we can then replicate, modify or simply to create a 3D model for inspection.

This machine can also be used to calibrate tooling machines to ensure maximum accuracy. Very useful for quality control and to confirm that objects are within set manufacturing parameters.

Faro Laser Scanner Focus 3D X 130

With a scan range of 130m and accuracy of up to ±2mm the Faro X 130 is a fantastic piece of equipment and allows us to generate 3D models for specialised design engineering.

The X 130 is portable which allows for fast, straightforward, yet accurate measurements of façades, complex structures, production and supply facilities, accident sites, and large-volume components. 

See one of our machines in operation

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