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Electrical automation control solutions in cumbria

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your manufacturing process using advanced electrical automation, then our team at System Hydraulics in Cumbria will design a bespoke solution for you. We are highly specialised in the industry, and proud to be a nationally recognised name in the field of electrical automation and control systems such as robotics and PLC automation.

Building from scratch and fixing with ease

Come to System Hydraulics for any electrical automation need. Our talented engineers design, install, fix and maintain automatic control systems to help streamline and speed up our customers’ machinery. Whether or not you’ve got a system design in mind or just an idea of how control systems might work for you – get in contact with our team in Cumbria and we can discuss more efficient production means for you.

Customising to your needs

First, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs, perhaps involving a visit to your current manufacturing plant. We will then work with you to design intelligent solutions that are innovative and top of the range. When the initial design is collaborative with you – the customer – the automatic control system is more suited to your requirements.

Repairing and upgrading your control system

No matter where your manufacturing process is based, we will come and perform diagnostics, repairs and upgrades to any electrical automation system with ease. Our 24-hour call out service means we’ll have your system up and running in no time, regardless of whether it was designed and built by us or not.
Call our expert engineers on 01228 511 444 to discuss our electrical automation services

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